Noel Copy Content

When Noel encounters content in the format <!!:: ... ::>, the content ("...") is sent directly to output without being parsed by Noel. Copy content can be used to keep Noel away from sensitive content, such as Javascript, $-delimited variables used in template engines, or tags that could conflict with custom or builtin Noel tags. Copy content used across large chunks of content may also slightly improve Noel performance.
<!!::$!foo <tag mytag>...</tag>::>      =>      $!foo <tag mytag>...</tag>

    The less-than sign in this javascript would cause a Noel exception
    without the copy content protection. Also note the HTML comment
    within a copy content section.
<!!::<script language="JavaScript">
count = 10
function foo () {
    if (count < 0) alert('countdown finished');
    else count--

There is one exception to the reach of copy content: insertion points may exist and function within copy content. Content that is inserted into a copy content section is parsed before it is inserted, but can itself be protected by copy content delimiters.

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